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We are introducing Synergy Fitness Programs designed to meet the needs of our diverse client base.  We have more in the works.  All of these programs can be performed as a "bridge program" by someone completing a round of physical therapy, by current patients seeking additional services, or by someone who is new to Synergy and looking for a unique fitness program.  These programs can be offered individually or in small groups, either way, your personal trainer will be with you at all times ensureing that you are performing the exerecises safely and correctly.


Small Group Training

Jacksonville's only medically based fitness program!

The class is led by our Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer and incorporates a variety of cardiovascular and resistance training exercises using timed intervals.  Everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace and fitness level.  It effectively works every muscle group to provide a full body work out in an efficient 30 minute time frame.  Being a medically-based fitness class, we emphasize safe exercise performance and individualized coaching along with the camaraderie that comes from the small class size (maximum of 8 participants).  Results reported by our particpants include: weight loss, reduction in medication use, pain relief, improved endurance, and better sleep.

Synergy 50 & Fit Training

A program tailored for the 50+ individuals

At Synergy we pride ourselves on providing our patients/clients with services that are result oriented. Due to the continuing requests for post-rehab fitness programs, we have implemented 50 & Fit Training.

Our program is unique because it is a medically based program, designed from the collaboration of a Licensed Physical Therapist and a Certified Inculsive Fitness Trainer.

As we age, muscle mass and flexibility decline, as does the speed at which the body converts food to energy. In addition to this, your balance or coordination may be affected, and bones can become brittle.

Our team of Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers specialize in targeting all of these areas. The 50 & Fit program is perfect for individuals who may be intimidated by attending the local gym, are unsure of which exercises to do, or those with prior injury concerns. Synergy will provide you with a safe and medically supervised environment that will challenge and empower you to meet your goals.


Create a comprehensive program for currently active or sedentary individuals
Increase strength & endurance
Design a program which identifies areas of weakness and/or injury
Prevent fall risk
Maximize independence
Restore movement
Decrease or eliminate pain
Improve cardiovascular function
Training with emphasis on proper form & breathing


Fitness Fundamentals for Adults

Medically Based Fitness Solutions for Adults

With aging, we lose muscle mass, bone density and our metabolism slows. This can lead to health problems, such as obesity, back pain, osteoarthritis & osteoporosis. Cardiovascular exercise and resistance strength training can be effective in preventing these and other chronic illnesses, including heart disease & diabetes. Regular exercise also helps you maintain independence, promote longevity and improve overall quality of life. These are the goals we want to help you achieve with our Fitness Fundamentals for Adults Program.

Our program is unique because it is a medically based fitness program designed from the collaboration of a Licensed Physical Therapist & a Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer.

We will incorporate effective exercise techniques while providing a safe and monitored environment to begin exercise. Whether you are unsure about proper form when executing various exercises or if you have had previous injuries and prefer guidance, our team at Synergy will create a safe, individualized program to suit your needs.


Prevent or delay the onset of disease
Teach the fundamentals of fitness
Improve blood lipid levels
Provide a safe environment to begin exercise and progress exercise
Increase strength & endurance
Increase balance & flexibility
Build stronger bones, joints & ligaments
Maintenance of optimal body weight
Improve aerobic capacity


Youth Fitness Fundamentals Program

A comprehenesive fitness program
designed for youth

At Synergy we pride ourselves on providing our patients/clients with services that are result oriented. Due to the long-term consequences of physical inactivity, we have created a Youth Fitness Fundamentals Program, to assist in forming lifelong healthy habits

Our program is unique because it is a medically based fitness program, designed by the collaboration of a Licensed Physical Therapist & a Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer.

The habits an adolescent develops will likely last a lifetime and the benefits that can come from physical activity are endless. Exercise:
Helps build healthy bones, muscles & joints
Can help control weight
Reduces anxiety
Increases self-esteem
May improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels
Helps build lean muscle
Can help reduce fat

Our team of professionals utilize innovative training techniques, with emphasis on proper form. Optimizing your time and effort while promoting proper rest and fast recovery for growth is key. We begin with the basic fundamentals of exercise for those who may not be familiar with proper mechanics or lack confidence in a traditional fitness facility.


Improve health, fitness & quality of life
Teach the fundamentals of exercise
Teach proper breathing patterns
Motivate adolescents to exercise and choose a healthy lifestyle
Maintain good physical health
Help achieve or maintain a healthy weight
Teach beneficial exercises and proper form
Inform adolescents on the importance & benefits of physical activity
Teach proper stretching techniques


All About Mom Fitness Program

Designed to meet the specific needs
of an expecting or new Mother

During pregnancy exercise can help you stay in shape and prepare your body for labor & delivery. It will also prepare you for the demands of lifting and transferring your newborn with proper mechanics. Expecting mothers often struggle with establishing or modifying a safe program & new mothers may be unsure  how to safely return to exercise. With our All About Mom Program, we will guide you through all appropriate exercise modifications & progressions.

All About Mom is tailored for expecting & new mothers. Regular exercise while pregnant can maintain health and boost your energy level. It can help improve your posture, reduce common discomforts like backaches, fatigue & constipation, as well as reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

Post pregnancy, exercise is one of the best things for your body. Activity can relax you, help your body recover after childbirth, improve your fitness level and make you feel more energetic.

Our program is unique because it is a medically based fitness program developed by a Licensed Physical Therapist & a Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer. Together we will take into consideration all the changes the body endures during & after pregnancy, such as increased ligament laxity, diastasis recti, as well as abdominal & pelvic muscle weakening.



Provide a safe return to exercise
Design a program with consideration of pregnancy related changes of the body
Promote weight loss/weight control
Restore muscle strength & tone
Improve cardiovascular fitness
Condition abdominal muscles
Boost energy level
Instruction of specialized exercises with a focus on proper form


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