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How Our Programs Work

How Our Programs Work

Synergy offers the only medically based fitness programs available in our area.  We feel that it is not only important that you exercise, but choose the correct types of exercise and perform them using proper form.  Therefor you will find that our fitness programs are composed of two specific parts:


Part 1.  The Medical Fitness Assessment—Every fitness client will undergo a fitness assessment specific to your individual case.  This assessment will be given in parts by a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer.  After your assessment is complete, the Physical Therapist and Personal  Trainer will collaborate to determine which programs and exercises might be most beneficial in reaching your specific goals.  We feel that this step is vital in guarding from injury, and ensuring that the program you choose is right for you.  A typical screening might include any of the following testing methods or techniques, depending on the program you choose:

Baseline measurements for vital signs

Body circumference measurements

Strength testing for upper & lower extremities

Range of motion measurements

Flexibility testing

Health history

Body mass index readings, Body Fat, Visceral Fat, Muscle Mass

Skinfold measurements

Advanced Balance testing

Y-Balance Assessment

Sway Balance Assessment

Musculoskeletal Alignment and Development

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

Musculoskeletal Fitness: Muscular Flexibility

Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

Musculoskeletal Fitness: Strength and Endurance

Video Gate Analysis


Part 2. The Program—We have developed several different fitness and wellness programs designed to meet our client’s specific goals and needs.  Whether you are an athlete returning to play, or someone over 50 trying an exercise program for the first time, we have a program designed specifically for you.  You will find that all of our programs include four basic things:

  • Based on which program is selected, you or your small group will receive one on one supervision and instruction from your trainer throughout your workouts.
  • Your exercises will be chosen with your specific goals and any limitations in mind.
  • The emphasis will be on proper form, not on a certain amount of weight, or number of repetitions, aligned with your individual fitness goals.
  • We will create a replicable, functional exercise program that can be done in multiple settings.


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