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The major part of any fitness or wellness program has to be nutrition.  " You Can't Out Exercise a Poor Diet!"  With this in mind our Synergy Wellness Division is introducing two new nutritional programs to help you achieve your health, fitness, performance, or weight loss goals. 

Our Nutritional Programs are composed of two parts:

The Food

After reviewing many different nutritional programs, we have decided to represent 2 products that will will benefit all the special needs of our clients. 


Arbonne Essentials:  Here's something easy to take: The Plant Powered nutrition of Arbonne Essentials products provides all the nutrients you need with high-quality formulas for every body.  What is plant-powered nutrition?  It's formulas with phytonutrients, which are unique beneficial botanical compounds that support your health.  Most Arbonne Essentials products are formulated with standardized botanical extracts so you get the same nutrient amounts every time, for optimum health benefits.  The vegan and gluten-free products are developed with premium blends of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, superfood antioxidants, enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics for maximum ingredient effectiveness.  Good for your whole family, and good for you.  Live an extraordinary, healthy life.



Medifast is the brand recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980.  Medifast meals are formulated with the proper balance of protein, carbs, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.  They contain no harmful additives or dangerous supplements.  And with over 70 different meals, you'll find no shortage of delicious ways to get healthy- without feeling hungry!


The Health Coach

A Health Coach is a knowledgeable, caring individual who will guide and support you through your weight loss phase, transition and maintenance to help you achieve optimal health.  Health Coaches offer you personal experience, knowledge, and a fervent desire to help you succeed on the program. In conjunction with a nutritional program Health Coaches offer you a powerful solution to lose weight and keep it off! Your Health Coach will work with you to design the program that is right for you, assist you with ordering products, track your packages, answer your questions, support you along the way and teach you strategies for long-term success! With compassion and professionalism, they will help you develop behavioral changes, celebrate in your successes and guide you through tempting situations. 


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Alexis Hatfield, Head Rehab Technician, Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach



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