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Running Services

Runner's To Your Mark!

Maximizing Performance and Preventing Injuries to Achieve Your Running Goals


Running Analysis Program

This program is designed for both runners and prospective runners who:

  • Have experienced a running-related injury.
  • Have not permanently improved with standard Physical Therapy treatment.
  • Want to ensure that current running form is not putting them at increased risk for injuries later in life.
  • Are looking to increase mileage safely while training for an event.
  • Are looking to refine their running stride.

Many traditional Physical Therapy treatment programs do not involve video analysis of running mechanics.  At Synergy, we use this analysis in combination with a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment to refine your running form and address injury risk factors.

What does a Video Running Analysis Consist of?

First, the client will run on a treadmill while being filmed in several different planes.  The video will then be analyzed in slow motion to accurately assess running form and joint angles that are then compared with research data of "normal" running mechanics.

Cost: $199 for a 60 minute session.



Get Fit to Run Program

This program is designed for both runners and prospective runners who:

  • Want to learn how to safely and effectively cross train between runs.
  • Wish to exercise and run in a group environment to improve outcomes and increase accountability.
  • Want to address deficits in flexibility, endurance, strength, or stability that increases your risk of injury.
  • Have experience a running-related injury that has resulted in loss of training time.
  • Are looking to refine your running stride to maximize performance.

At Synergy, we will incorporate effective exercise techniques while providing a safe and monitored environment to begin exercise.

How does the Program work?

6 week program, two sessions per week:

  • Two 30 to 45 minute group fitness class focusing on improving strength, flexibility, endurance and balance each week.

$ 150.00 for 6 weeks

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