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Patient Success Stories

My experience at Synergy has helped my headaches with unbelievable success. My wife was going to Synergy and recommended that I might benefit from treatments. I was getting shots in my neck with little success in eliminating my headaches. After my first visit with Kira Boyd, I saw a difference in the frequency and intensity of my headaches. By the time of my last visit, I was not experiencing headaches. The exercises and the hands-on treatments resulted in fewer headaches. Mrs. Boyd is very knowledgeable and developed a treatment plan that was effective. Her staff is very friendly and always made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Synergy to anyone for physical therapy.”  -Dewey Wells

I walked into Synergy limping on crutches. I could not play sports, bend my knee, kneel, squat, basically had no movement through my knee.The whole Synergy group was encouraging and supportive where they stretched me and helped me through exercises. As I leave I can now play with kids, play my favorite sports, clean my house and do my job successfully. I am so thankful for such a nice, positive group that gave me my life back and brightened my future by helping me through the pain and encouraging me not to give up.”  -Claire Harris

I had been experiencing pain in my right shoulder for several years. I had gotten to the point I could hardly get my dress over my head – I just couldn’t use my right arm any more to reach over my shoulder. After only a few visits – and doing exercises at home I am now able to use my right arm spontaneously without pain. I am in awe of the ability of Kira to make such a big difference in such a short time.”  -Paulette H. Riggs

After having my first baby, I couldn't even put my pants on without pain.  Going from Marine to full time Mom was a tough transition, but Sarah was able to help reduce my pain and got me through hip surgery.  Bridget and Liz got me back into walking without pain and now I can jog.  I'm finally back in the gym after 11 months of therapy, and I can coach soccer practice with little to no pain.  I'm so thankful for the professionalism and knowledge of all the thrapists and techs and I'm confident in trying for baby #2!  Thank you, Synergy!"  - Sarah Alvarado

Pelvic physical therapy changed my life! I was in so much pain before I came here. I lost all hope. I never thought this would work since everything else failed. After a year of pain I finally can live normally. Thanks so much for treating me and helping me become normal again! Amanda was awesome; she made everything comfortable and never made me feel awkward.“  -Michelle Craft

I have been going to physical therapy off and on for years for the same problem. I can honestly say this is the first time I have seen results and felt relief. The staff is always cheerful and courteous, and I always looked forward to my sessions. The therapists are very knowledgeable and are fully equipped to help relieve your problems!”  -Lara Hunt

My experience at Synergy was wonderful! I initially started working with my therapist in an effort to avoid surgery, and made some progress in freeing up my shoulder joint. However, I did require surgery, and I was really afraid that the post-op therapy would be very painful. My fears were groundless, as my therapist was very sensitive to my pain and worked hard to relax and loosen the muscles affected. The treatment I received at Synergy was wonderful – I felt very comfortable with their friendly staff. Thank you so much for helping me.”  -Kathleen Brinson

Disclaimer: All of our patients were asked and willing to share their success stories with Synergy Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

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