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How We Treat

Treatment Approaches - McKenzie Method, Maitland Approach, Functional Movement Systems, Pilates, Mulligan Mobilization with Movement, Kinesio Taping Method, Strain-Counterstrain, Total Motion Release

Manual Therapy - Muscle Energy Techniques, Strain-Counterstrain, Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization, Massage, Traction, Trigger Point Release, Therapeutic Taping

Therapeutic Exercise - Strength and Resistance training, Spine and Joint Stabilization, Cardiovascular training, Balance/Proprioception training, Stretching/Flexibility, Plyometrics, Agility training, Sports Specific/Work Specific training, Pilates mat, reformer and split-pedal chair training, Body Mechanics, TRX Suspension Trainer, Kettlebells, BOSU trainer

Modalities – Electrical Stimulation, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Multi Radiance TerraQuant Laser, Heat, Cold, Iontophoresis, Phonophoresis

Orthotic Fabrication

Gait Analysis/Postural Analysis/Running Evaluation utilizing Motion Analysis Software


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Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

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Knee Pain