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Tai Chi: Meditation in Motion

If you are vaguely familiar with Tai Chi, you may envision a group of people in a beautiful park performing a slow coordinated routine that almost looks like a dance, but do you know anything more? What exactly is Tai Chi? Why is it so popular in Asian cultures? And why is it gaining popularity in the United States?


Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese mind-body exercise rooted in martial arts as well as traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy…but don’t let all that scare you away! Tai Chi as regular exercise has many great health benefits including improving balance, easing joint pain, increasing strength, gaining flexibility, reducing stress, and bettering your general well-being.  It is a low-impact, slow-moving exercise routine that can be adapted easily for anyone making it a perfect option for people who don’t tolerate higher intensity exercise or for those looking for something else to complement their regular fitness program.  It can even be performed while sitting down!


Each class starts with a warm-up to loosen up muscles and joints, take deep breaths and focus your attention to prepare your mind for your Tai Chi practice.  Tai Chi “forms” are sets of movements that are based on defensive martial arts maneuvers. As you practice and learn forms such as “Brush Knee,” “Cloud Hands,” and “Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane,” you are focused on fluid movement, controlled weight shifting, deep breathing, aligned posture and positive energy.  Forms can be performed individually as they are being learned, then are brought together into a continuous routine flowing from one movement into the next. Classes typically end with “Qigong” which is to increase the energy flowing through the body and mind. 


At Synergy Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, we have been so excited to offer a small group Tai Chi class that has gained such popularity that we now offer it twice a week! We focus on learning the movement forms, typically practicing one to two movements for several weeks, while taking time to focus our minds and energy on the present moment.  There are several participants who sit during the whole or just parts of the class if they feel they are unable to stand the full 45 minutes. Classes are every Wednesday and Friday 12:30pm to 1:15pm, located at Synergy Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine at 233-E Bell Fork Road in Jacksonville.  Don’t forget to call ahead to sign up because space is limited.  Tai Chi is definitely most appreciated once you have given it a try, so I hope you come join us for a class to check it out and learn more.  See you at the next class!

Samantha Morris, MS, CIFT

Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer

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