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Specialized Physical Therapy May Be The Answer

Physical therapy is often prescribed by a physician when someone is experiencing pain, an injury, or weakness and they want to avoid pain medications, injections or surgery.  You or someone you know may have had a course of physical therapy, and you may have a general idea of what physical therapy can address.  What people don’t know is that physical therapists address many issues from head to toe, and individual therapists may specialize in certain areas where they have had advanced education or continuing education.  There are a few specialties that we offer at Synergy Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine that often surprises our patients.

Sports Medicine Physical Therapy 

Not all physical therapists are alike, and we find that not all patients are alike as well.  The athlete is a special and usually driven patient.  Exercise is a part of their everyday life and when pain and injury occur, they often want to “play through pain” or try to speed recovery.  Our Physical Therapist must have an above average knowledge of the individual sports, positions and the demands that the athlete faces.   Whether it is a starting quarterback or a weekend warrior who wants to get back to a running routine, to achieve the best outcomes and get that player back in the game or on the road a Sports Medicine PT must know these things.    

Pelvic Floor Rehab Specialist

A pelvic floor specialist has advanced training in the urological system, colorectal system, and gynecological system.  They are usually working in area from the tops of our legs to our belly buttons.  It includes the hips, the lower portion of the spine, the pelvis and the muscles inside. Women often need this type of therapy before or after pregnancy to address pain or weakness.  It is our opinion that a PT consult should be a part of almost every pregnancy.  We find that women deal with pain and issues like incontinence long after the pregnancy, and don’t know that these issues can be addressed with physical therapy.  Men can certainly benefit from pelvic floor PT as well.  Concerns related to pelvic pain, urinary incontinence or hernias are commonly treated successfully with Physical Therapy.

Vestibular Therapy

The Vestibular System, located in the inner ear, provides sensory information contributing to sense of equilibrium, sense of movement and head position, balance control and visual stabilization.  A person can experience significant difficulty with balance, dizziness or ability to control eye movement due to damage to their vestibular system.  Vestibular Rehabilitation can include exercise-based program designed to improve balance, improve walking gait, and reduce symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, motion sensitivity or disequilibrium. The goals are always to improve function with daily activities, reduce risk of falling and improve quality of life.

Cancer & Lymphedema Therapy

We have developed a program to provide outpatient rehabilitation to all cancer patients and survivors in need, whether you are newly diagnosed or long finished with treatment.  Our goal is to improve daily function and quality of life for the cancer survivor.  We create customized programs to address a wide range of symptoms and diagnoses for each type of cancer.  Lymphedema is a common result of cancer related treatments.  In addition to learning precautionary measures for reducing the risk of developing lymphedema, patients can benefit from a rehabilitation program designed to increase range of motion, flexibility, strength, endurance, while reducing pain and swelling.

We started our business knowing that there were gaps in the services offered in our area.  We have grown our team to include specialized Physical Therapists that can not only address the common orthopedic issues, but also specialize in these areas to provide the much needed care that our community needs.  If you would like to learn more about these services or the other innovative treatments that we provide, please give us a call or visit our website. 

Kira Boyd, MSPT, ATC
Clinic Director/Owner


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